Mad River Mountain Photo Shoot

Are you the type of person that loves doing something new? Or are you perfectly content with doing the same things, day after day? I think I am a little bit of both! I am grounded by routine, but I my heart is spontaneous. 

I love change and trying something I haven't before, but don't get me wrong- I get nervous stepping out of my comfort zone!

Having gained years of experience as a photographer, I now embrace this feeling. The 14 yr old me would have headed for the ski hills. 

Doing something different in photography can be terrifying. There are so many variable and factors that can come into play in your environment, that can either help you or hurt you. Trust me– I have had my fair share of mishaps! But when we throw ourselves into a situation where we have to think and adjust our way out, we learn from that + in that moment– we are able to grow. 

I have taken some photos in the snow in the past, but I have never had an entire photo shoot premeditated for the flurries. On sunny days, the snow can be used as one, giant reflector. The sun shines down and then bounces back up, allowing light to hit the models faces. This is super helpful, but can be a travesty for all if it is not compensated correctly within the camera. Major adjustments were made to the camera settings to balance out the harsh light. *If you have any questions on this–please feel free to ask! I welcome your curiosity. 

I am very excited to share with you the killer vibes caught that day on the hill. Hope you enjoy! 

" What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do "  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I encourage your feedback. I strive to bring you the content you are asking for! 

**Hmua, Model + Behind the scenes photos– scroll to BOTTOM OF POST**


So grateful to have such awesome people on set. This is the second time I have worked with lovely Josie McConkey from Columbus, Oh. She is literally so sweet and just totally open to her surroundings. Not to mention her hair is just BOMB and makes you question your own hair-do choices.

Happy to have worked with Alena Newsome, also from Columbus, Oh. Her and I have shot quite a few times together, but each time feels like something new. I love watching her grow as a model. That girl brings the heat.  

I LOVE working with new people. That's why I was super stoked to finally work with Emilie Dixon! After chatting back and forth last November briefly on Instagram, I reached out + was able to pull her on board for the photo shoot. Her talent, openness and craft in this fun project was greatly appreciated. People who work with a smile on their faces, are my kind of people. 

I had so much fun shooting that day. 

PS:  It was 25 degrees outside.

These two ladies never once complained. They modeled through the cold + rocked it, as if it wasn't ridiculously cold at all. So much respect for them. (Don't worry- we didn't shoot for long periods of time!)

*Models: Would you be able to with stand the temp?

*Photographers: Work with people that are troopers, but always make sure that you take care of them! If you are shooting outdoors in the snow- let your model wear a coat up until the very moment you're ready to start shooting. Making your model feel as comfortable as possible is so important! 


Enjoy the behind the scenes photos from this shoot, held at Mad River Mountain in Zanesville, Oh. 

You deserve a gold star if you made it through this whole blog post.

Have you ever photographed/modeled in the snow?

What kind of adjustments did you have to make for your environment?

Leave me a comment- I want to hear all about it! 


Until next shoot, 

xo Your Photographer,

Brittney Byus